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statist by Dirk Melcher

Statist is a terminal-based statistics program with an interactive menu that makes it very easy to use. It can also be run in scripts and big datasets are handled reasonably well even on small machines. In spite of its low overhead statist can do quite a bunch of regression functions and tests. It can produce colorized output and uses gnuplot to create graphics.

Check the available screenshots, menu structure, user manual, and a html view of statist running to see the possibilities.


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Status of Translations
(with links to menus)
Language% translatedLast translator
German       100 Michael Gebhardt
Italian       93 Sandro Tosi
Portuguese       100 Jakson Aquino
Spanish         80 Carleos Artime



Statist is Free Software under the GNU GPL and comes completely without warranty!



You should be able to build the program on any system with a standard (ANSI) C compiler. If you want plots you also need to have gnuplot installed. If you have problems to run gnuplot graphics through statist in an environment where the locale is set to UTF-8, please read these tips about statist, gnuplot and UTF-8.



The last version of statist (1.4.1) was released on December 02, 2006 (see the ChangeLog). It can be found at its download page. New versions are announced in its Mailinglist, but if you prefer you can Subscribe to new releases of statist at Freshmeat (you'll have to create an account, or just login if you already have one).


Statist is available only as source code, but we provide some instructions on how to package statist for Debian.

Old versions

Versions, prior to 1.3.1 are available at statist's old home page

Various versions per CVS

You can can browse and download statist source code currently being developed: [ per ViewCVS ]. You can also use the cvs program to download any past release of statist or to check out the source of any given date. But if you just want to get the source code being currently developed, then copy and paste in a terminal:

   cvs -z3 co statist


Graphical User Interface (GUI)

statist itself has not GUI. Andreas Beyer started wrapping statist and called the result: StatistX. However, note that StatistX is no longer being maintained and corresponds to an old version of statist (April 2001).





Dirk Melcher started statist's development for small tasks so he does not have to cope with the non-comprehensible dinosaur programs anymore. (See the Dirk's archived page about statist (German)).

Bernhard Reiter took over the maintenance from Dirk in the beginning of 1997. In August 2005 Bernhard handed it over to Jakson Aquino, who is the current maintainer of statist.


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